Hello & welcome to the Wedding Camera. This site aims to showcase the work of Steven Doney who loves photography.
Steven lives in Poole Dorset with his family & has been photographing weddings since he was studying photography, initially as a favour to friends, progressing to commercial bookings for those looking for an alternative to formal wedding photography & for those interested in creative arts.

Photo Documentary

Steven studied photography at The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) & has a degree in the subject. He specialised in what is known as photo documentary. A documentary photographer will seek to produced a stylised number of images, typically from the centre or sidelines of an event without influencing the subject matter, in order to show a real or natural depiction of what is going on. It is not unusual however for the photographer to reveal the camera in order to create a response or interaction with the people at those events. It is also common to see differing photographic styles giving appreciation to colour, black & white, framing, focus, flash, natural light and so on.
The photo galleries on this site are intended to show what Steven gets excited about when making images. Take a little time over each image and feel free to interpret them as you wish, don’t be afraid to just go with your feelings. Some of the images a pretty straight forward in their message. As my logo states: Photography With Love.

For a look at my main influences see the work of:
Tony Ray-Jones
Martin Parr
William Eggleston


What to expect

Booking the Wedding Camera for the day will typically look like this.
Steven turns up early & ready to go. He likes people so he will blend in as soon as he can with a view to enjoying himself & establishing what is around & what is going on. Once the light has been established the work starts. Within a short space of time you won’t notice him there, & when you do it will be relaxed and non invasive to the proceedings. If you have any requests for pictures with friends or relatives then a list is fine though you can just grab him any time during the day for that spontaneous touch, he is also happy to record details of the preparations. Group shots are over in flash & are as relaxed as possible. Steven will typically ask for your attention for a number of brief photo shoots over the day , in order to exploit the lighting or favoured locations to take intimate portraits or shots of the married couple. Coverage of the day extends to quiet periods, travel between locations, through the wedding breakfast, speeches & into the evenings entertainment. Steven stops when he runs out creative energy.

The editing process starts with hundreds of photographs , all of which are yours.